Tuesday, September 16, 2014

♥ She Curled Up & Dyed ♥

I have been colouring my hair since I was a youngin'(er... younger). Mumma would buy me those wash-out-in-8-to-10-washes-or-even-just-1-because-they-can-be-pretty-shit temporary dyes. I usually stuck to blacks, browns and reds because I was a basic bitch... and because the school I went to had hair colour rules. Like you can't learn with bright hair colours, right? False. I didn't learn anything anyway. I have always wanted to have orange hair but literally everyone said or implied that it wouldn't look good. Oh? OH? So at the beginning of this year I took the plunge and did what any self respecting woman would do - whatever the fuck she wanted.

It all began in a blistering hot as fuck January day when I lightened my brown hair with a prepackaged lightener thing. It went an nice auburn colour.
Those slug brows tho, cute.
It wasn't enough. I wanted more. My heart desired a super bright orange to blind anyone who dare look my way. I was determined to make it happen. So it did.
Bitches get shit done.
Orange is one of my favourite colours on me and if I ever have to go back to a "natural" looking colour, orange will probably be it. It made me happy.
Chubby gnomes walk among us.
Then I accidentally dyed it red with a supposedly orange Manic Panic colour. For while I went between orange and red. So. Boring.
Fuck you, Manic Panic.
I have been wanting pink for a while now and I decided, fuck it! Let's do this shit.
The photo does no justice, it was FLURO pink.
It was crazy super frickin' bright. I'm pretty sure I literally damaged some people's eyesight. GOOD. So I had pink for a while. Pink was fun.
Aw, a few days after my break up. Sad lil baby.
It ok bae. Shopping eases the pain.
Then I attempted to brighten it up with a pink dye found in Woolworths with the cute comic book packaging. It went red. Of course. OF COURSE. I was so pissed. I made it werk tho.
I was playing with my new makeup stuff
from the Pro Makeup & Beauty show.
Shut up.
Looking at those photos I reminded myself that wow, I have a massive forehead. I was seriously considering hiring it out as a walking billboard. I didn't get out much so it defeated the purpose. It was time for bangs to come back. And PAAAAAAAANNNNKKK.
BANG bangs.
I kept pink for a decent amount of time. Pink is one of my favourite colours. It's just so damn cute.
Shopping with my $200 giftcard from work
for being casual employee of the year.
Of course, I got bored with pink and decided to try purple because I know it looks good with my skin tone and eye colour. It is actually one of my least favourite colours probably because mum painted mine and my sister's room a light purple and we had absolutely no say (black was our choice, clearly). It was a truly traumatic experience. I am left with a sour purple taste in my mouth.
Lumpy Space Princess realness.
I was soooo conflicted with the hair colour because I liked it but I didn't but I did and I almost imploded.
It did look prettier in photos!
Same tho tbh...
I decided to try and fix it myself with Manic Panic's Ultra Violet. Yep. Of course. I don't know why I used that brand again after my first mishap. (Yeah Manic Panic it's you, not me!) I don't know why I do anything at all. Why do I things?? WHat????
Idiot girl ruins day once again.
Still looks fabulous.
I missed the back off my head and had a weird light purple blonde patch so for a week I had it up in a bun. My anaconda don't want none unless you've got your shitty patchy hair in a bun, hun.
My face says it all.
So I made an appointed with my salon. I decided that I needed something different...
So I became THE BATMAN.
My parents are dead.
I walked out of the salon feeling fresh and new and ready be the hero Gotham deserves... but not the one it needs right now.

Basically, I feel more myself with coloured hair (even if I have a hard time deciding what colour!!). When I had super long brown hair I felt so uncomfortable and boring but people kept telling me how 'long hair is better'. I felt obligated to keep it and that sucked. So now I rock a short bob! It makes me sad when people say 'I wish I could do that' or 'I wish I could suit that'. Well, you can. What's stopping you? In this case, it's just hair! You can 'suit' anything if you want to wear it, just have confidence. Put on your crown and behead any peasant who thinks you should look how they want you to. WERK.
Cute 2011 baby Courtney who had little to no
self confidence and didn't realise how much
of her own love she deserved.
If only I could meet her now!
I have to admit, those were the best pig tails of my life!

Thank you for reading this boring hair colour timeline thing? What will I have next?!?! Who knows. Stay tuned to find out.

♥♥♥ Courtney

(Please feel free to suggest posts for the future!)


  1. I knew you weren't from these parts when you said a blistering hot January. I absolutely loved your purple hair. I really miss mine, now I'm back to boring brown

  2. Purple hair on you is just perfection! Actually, all colors on your hair are perfection, it's just unfair!
    May I ask what brand are those sunglasses? xxx

  3. I personally like your hair this new blue best!!!! I also loved the bright red! Your skin is flawless! I adore u!

  4. The blue and the orange are definitely my favourites!! You look amazing!

  5. You look amazing with all of your hair choices! And I love the message that you brought to this post. You have so much confidence; it's amazing! <3