Tuesday, September 16, 2014

♥ Got Milk? ♥

NYX cosmetics were brought to Target Australia earlier this year and naturally everyone went a bit nuts because it's something we previously didn't have easy access too. I was a bit late to the bandwagon because a) I am lazy, b) I knew that the stands would be attacked, c) lazy. However, there was one product I wanted more than anything. Yes, it was the Jumbo Eye Pencil. Oh, not just ANY Jumbo Eye Pencil. The Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil. Why? You may ask... WHY? I wanted it for a white matte base underneath my beloved Sugarpill eyeshadows. "Why couldn't you just get their white eye primer?" Shut your filthy mouth. Of course I could have gotten that but what famous beauty guru uses that? None that I have watched. Admittedly it was more about the novelty of owning the pencil. I'm all about novelty. Practicality is my second priority.

Every damn time that I went into my local Target, they had literally everything but the milk pencil. I tested the white eye primer but it didn't satisfy my thirst for that milk. It took all of my strength to refrain from headbutting a staff member on what felt like my 1000th unsuccessful visit. I wasn't sure if it was because it was such a popular product or because Target were pathetic at restocking the stands, or both. Whatever it was, I was still determined to get my chubby lil hands on a milk pencil. I was suffering some serious NYX calcium deficiency.

Even the tester was missing. The struggle is real.
If you're from Shannon's beauty group, you'll probably remember the day that I finally got possession of the NYX milk pencil. I posted there straight away when I FINALLY got it. Here is that infamous post:

* MILK I N T E N S I F I E S *

"Today I slinked my way through Target, stealthily and discreetly screaming as I tumbled and army crawled through the store, jumping from clothes rack to clothes rack. I set my eyes on the small, disappointing NYX stand. I emerged from a sales rack with black underwear on my head as a makeshift balaclava. As I slowly start to shimmy over to the stand, the sky breaks open and an angelic light shines on the last milk pencil. Can this be true¿¿¿ My thoughts are distracted as my song comes on and I instinctively do the vogue and twerk simultaneously. Through my sick, totally coordinated dance moves to The B52’s Love Shack, I realise it was a ploy from the government to stop me from getting the most sought after milk pencil. I ran to the stand and throat kicked everyone out of my way. Not today, Abbott. Not today.

I finally have a base to make my coloured eyeshadow looks better!!!"

SO here is my review on the milk pencil:
♥ It is an okay base, I found it creased after 20 mins of wearing it (all over my lid), I didn't use an excessive amount either
♥ My oily lids melt it off after a few hours of wear anyway, so it's not super long lasting
♥ It helped intensify the eyeshadows a tad
♥ I find it relatively simple to use and blendable
♥ Amazing for using on lower water line (shown in my current display pic on the right)
♥ Handy product to have I think!
♥ Doesn't come with a sharpener tho

I do use it daily on my inner corner to the middle of my lid to open up my eyes. I set it with a white matte eyeshadow and use a matte brown in my crease like this -


I give it a 5/10, very average product, not worth throat kicking people for. SO I was thinking, do you ever see those posts where people use a product for things you would have never ever thought of? Surely this had more uses, right? For you, my lovely readers, I had to experiment. I had to discover more for this post, for you. So I did. You can thank me later.

Go from basic bitch to Kim K look-a-like with this
extreme highlight. Out shine all those basics.
(This hurt my face?? The stuff I do for you.)
Oh shit! Marker on your fav white top!
Have no fear, milk pencil is here.
Good as new. Totally unnoticeable.

White out!! No one will ever know that you can't spell.
You can't write over it though.
SO um...
Just... learn to spell.
Oil pulling what? Get those perf pearly whites with NYX milk pencil.
P.S it doesn't taste like milk.
Please don't do this.
Be smrter than me.
Learn from my mistakes.
So tomorrow I have my group interview for my favourite ever makeup store and I am literally drowning in my own nervous sweat. I'm going to act confident as heck, I hope they won't smell the confidence juice on me (alcohol) just kidding!!! When I'm nervous liquids have a better chance of leaving my mouth than entering it. I may post my look for the interview and how I think I went and all that jazz, maybe!! Please send your positive vibes for me, I am truly awful at interviews.

♥♥♥ Courtney


  1. GOOD LUCK! Do your best impersonation of yourself and I'm sure you'll be fine. Perhaps skip the NYX milk teeth, though.

  2. Yassss great post! Love the pearly whites :') best of luck tomorrow you're gonna kill it :)

  3. How do I help you make money from this because I want to. Damn girl you are so funny and so inspiring and I just love anyone who is about self love!!!! P.S in regards to hair timeline, I feel more me at pink than at any damn shade of blonde that I was born with

  4. best of luck courtney!! damn girl I laughed so much at the other things you use for the nyx milk pencil lol

  5. This was an excellent review of the milk pencil! I feel the exact same way about it. I love using it to intensify if I want bright color under my eye, but on the lid.. not so much. Thanks for adding your comedic touch to the review - you're so clever!!!! Wishing you ALLLLLLLLLL the luck for your group interview tomorrow. If you're able to be even half as clever in that interview as you are chatting with us ladies then you've got that thing in the bag! ;)

  6. Good luck girl!!! You should make money from blogging your so funny!!!!