Monday, November 17, 2014

♥ Bewdy Tipz & Trix to survive this Aussie Summer! ♥

♥ Forget this minimal makeup bb cream only mascara basic as heck wishy washy. Wear as much makeup as you want to. Don't let summer stop you from caking on your face as per usual. Werk that thick foundation and winged eyeliner. Just make sure you are wearing a very high spf underneath to protect your precious flesh from sizzling like a snag under the Aussie satan sun. Don't let those demonic UV rays penetrate your pores. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the entire world!!

Fuck you Summer

♥ Make sure you cover your entire body in sunscreen! The last thing you need is the sun messing up your perfect pale pasty complexion. You worked so hard all winter staying inside and perfecting your moon tan. My favourite is Neutrogena's UltraSheer body mist which is an Spf of 50!! It's cold and amazing and I'm constantly spraying it all over my body just for the heck of it.

This hurt my groin

♥ Spf needs to be reapplied every few hours to stay effective!! Since you have your caked face on, this isn't practical at all. Did you know that 95 to 99 percent of skin cancers are caused by the sun?? Stay inside at all times and hiss at any sunlight that threatens your existence. Reject invitations to the beach and pray for those people. Find the darkest, coldest corner in your house and set up camp. You're going to be there for a while.

Seriously fuck off

♥ Stay hydrated!! Make water your bff this summer (since your friends have stopped bothering inviting you out). Water also helps improve your overall health and the appearance of your skin. Staying hydrated prevents death. My biggest tip for surviving summer is: don't die.

Water tastes better from a novelty cup
Water tastes better when it's vodka

♥ To keep cool I like to chill my Mac Fix+ spray and spray it all over my melting flesh as I stand in front of the open fridge. Drown out your mum's nagging about wasting electricity by louding humming the Australian anthem. If she continues, spray her in the face aggressively. Chill out, ma.


♥ After recovering from being backhanded by your parents, take a cold shower. Since I have coloured hair I use colour safe shampoo and conditioner. I also use this Vitafive CPR reconstruct spray over damp hair to protect my hair and colour from heat, UV and even chlorine!! This is a must.


♥ Keep your lips soft and cute by constantly applying lip balm every two seconds. Continue your conversation as you apply the lip balm. Think of it as a light snack if you happen to get any on your teeth!!


♥ Don't be ashamed of your bright red heat rash that people mistake for a stop sign. Throw some gold glitter on it and werk, bitch.


♥ Achieve that sought after dewy skin look with your own perspiration!! Let your sweat seep through your skin and foundation for that natural, glowy effect that will have people staring in awe.

Kill me

♥ Replace your morning coffee with a icy cold beer!! It's already too fucking hot to live so throw back a four X!! This is acceptable behaviour because STRAYA. It's also 'natural lime' flavour so it's fruit!! Fruit is healthy!! Natural! LIME.

8 am and I want to die

♥ Get into the spirit of summer by wearing a bright bold lip!!

I am dead inside

♥ Aggressively reject summer by dressing for the season you really want!! This may lead to heat stroke and hospitalization but at least you look cute!!

Take me to this mystical 'snow'

♥ When you're trying to sleep at night but it's too fucking hot and you're drowning in your own sweat, cry without tears!! This way you get to release your emotion without losing any more liquids!


♥ Live on ice cream, smear it all over your naked bod for that sweet sweet relief. Anyone who judges you needs to be removed from your life immediately. You don't need that kind of negativity.

Creaming Vanilla posing with ice cream

♥ Listen to Summertime Sadness on repeat and wallow in your sweaty misery!! Fun times!

Summertime Death Wish

♥ Lie down, try not to cry, cry a lot


♥ Wear as minimal clothing as possible or even better - none at all. If it's still too hot, just peel off layers of skin!! Super easy, effective way of staying cooled down in this disgusting heat.

get it off

Bonus tipz & trix!

(!) Stay away from people as much as possible!! They emit heat and will make you suffer with their presence!

(♥) Fun activity: lie a tarp down in your backyard and slide down it with your own sweat!! Lube up more with some dish washing liquid! Fun for the whole sweaty family!!!

(!) Body odour is a real issue in public!! Shove ice cubes up your nostrils.

(♥) Remove all contents from your freezer and sit in it. Isolate yourself... or should I say... icesolate yourself???

We all know what is responsible for this heat wave... Satan, our prime minister.

I hope you all have a great summer!! Remember the best way to survive is not dying! Stay cool.

♥♥♥ Courtney

Sunday, October 12, 2014

♥ The Killer Queen You Truly Are ♥

I've been asked a few times to do a post on confidence so before I start, just a lil disclaimer!!! I am definitely not the most confident person on the planet but I have come extremely far from where I used to be. I think a lot of it has to do with growing up and growing out of fucks to give. If you're struggling with self esteem and confidence issues, these tipz & trix that I use may help you too! Or they may not! But I wish I could grab your cute face and remind you that you is kind, you is smart, you is important and you is a bad ass bitch.

I struggled for so super long with self esteem and confidence issues, I think it really started when I began high school which will now be 7 years ago. It feels surreal to talk about this because it's almost like I'm talking about someone else or a past life - I guess in a way it is just that. Things eventually deteriorated so much that I would resort to self harm in many forms. My grades struggled and I didn't connect with friends like I should have. I lost way too much of my youth to insecurities and self hate, which is why you see or hear me preaching self love and support to people - young girls especially. If I could have one wish it would to be the person I am now back when I was younger because I would have kicked ass so hard. However, what I went through did make me the person I am today and for that, I'm grateful.

These are just some words and things that have helped me, I totally 100 percent understand that everyone is different in different situations with different mental and emotional capabilities and we all have different ways of coping so I am not claiming that I know how to make everyone feel like rainbows because I can't!! These are my personal experiences and techniques that have helped me. I also might repeat myself, so apologies for that!

♥ The world and society and people are fucking assholes - so don't be an asshole to yourself. For me, this is super important. A lot of my own issues were made worse by me and my over active brain. Why make it even harder? You need you. You are stuck with yourself, you need to be your own best friend. As weird as this is going to sound, I think it's so empowering and liberating to be able to rely on yourself for emotional support. Pick yourself up and buy yourself a new lipstick.

♥ People's opinions only hold worth if you let it. I can remember every bad comment, word for word, said to me by friends, family and strangers from when I was younger because I cared about it too much and let it eat away at me. The only opinion on yourself and your choices that truly matters is yours and yours only. I can't stress that enough. A guy called me a pig (from the safety of his car) a few weeks ago and baby Courtney would have cried for weeks. I laughed at him and continued on with my life (what I really wanted to do was get a double bacon and cheese burger and rub it on my body, but I don't waste food, especially on scumbags). It is 100 percent up to you how you handle it. Don't let peasants have any affect on you. Chin up, crown on. You are in control. Btw, pigs are cute as heck.

♥ Fake confidence until it feels real. Y e s. This works. I did this unintentionally, I would sarcastically say how amazing and great I am. Then I started to believe it. It just grew on me, my self esteem became so much better. This is why I believe it's extremely toxic for people to keep telling themselves how 'ugly' and 'unworthy' they are (even as 'jokes'). Stop. Punch that thought right in the throat. Replace it with something uplifting. It truly does have an effect.

♥ Surround yourself with people who exude confidence and self love from their every pore. I follow tons of babes on instagram who inspire me in so many ways. Bless their hearts.

♥ Don't place your sense of self worth in someone else's hands. Your worth is not based on what another person thinks of you. You are worthy because you are you. If anyone else thinks otherwise, stick a mascara wand into their eyeball and move on with your life. Cut out anyone who makes you feel less than what you deserve. You know what? Don't even waste a mascara wand on their basic ass.

♥ Stop comparing yourself to other people. I have said this 1000 times and I will say it for as long as I have to - comparison is your self esteem's worst enemy. Do not think 'wow that girl is so beautiful, I wish I could be her because I'm disgusting and ugly'. Stop. Don't. Learn to appreciate someone else's beauty without the toxic comparison, you are only hurting yourself. Think 'wow that girl is so beautiful' and leave it there. She is beautiful! SO ARE YOU. So are they! So is he! Yay! Beautiful people party and everyone is invited. I'll drink to that.

♥ TREAT YO SELF. Treat yourself to that lipstick, that video game, that overpriced bra, that bottle of wine. Treat yourself in materialistic ways but also treat yourself to kindness. You've spent all week beating yourself up because your winged liner didn't look good, your job is making you feel inadequate, uni sucks, no one seems to care about it, you feel worthless, etc etc. Well take time to care. Breathe. It will be okay. You'll be okay. Tomorrow is a new day, wake up ready to take over the world.

♥ Wear that dress, wear that bold lipstick, colour your hair any damn colour you please, eat that cake, run that marathon, kiss that cutie, do what ever the fuck makes you happy and feel good and allows you to continue on a path to a happier, more confident you!

♥ Do whatever makes you feel beautiful but please for the love of Beysus do not forget that you are SO much more than your appearance. You are strong, caring, intelligent, amazing. You are stardust. You are magic.

♥ Don't be afraid to be ugly. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. Relax. I used to absolutely freak out when people took photos of me and I looked awful. Now when people take photos of me, I know there is a huge chance I'll look bad and so what? I know I can look good too. Bad photos aren't the end of the world and a lot of the time, they're fucking hilarious. My family have the worst photos of me and I think it's great. As weird as this sounds, once I started not caring about how I looked in photos (taken by other people, my selfies will never not be 100 percent) I started appreciating my own beauty more. I started appreciating it in a different way. It's also nice not to have a panic attack when someone won't delete a bad photo hahaha.

♥ Try not to rely on your other half, your mum, dad, best friend, sister, cousin, dog - anyone but yourself for how you feel. It's only human to crave validation from others and heck yeah, I love when other people think I'm cute and tell me, it makes my day. I don't rely on it to feel cute though. You can feel beautiful without hearing someone else say it. Touch the beautiful. Taste the beautiful. Smell the beautiful. Feel the beautiful. BE THE BEAUTIFUL (o wait u already are, haaaay).

♥ With everything you do, have the attitude of a queen. Because that is exactly what you are. Behead anyone who dare question your self appointed royal status. (And apparently when you do this, other people catch on and start calling you a queen too hahaha!)

♥ Stop caring about what other people think!! Especially if it's making you feel awful! I know it's easier said than done but once you learn how to not give a fuck about what people say, you just feel so much better. Like a giant pile of shit has just been removed from your shoulders. Because it has. Stop letting piles of shit dictate your life and feelings.

♥ I only do these things for myself because I believe self love is important, especially as someone who struggled with issues for a very long time. Even though I only do this for myself, it feels so good knowing that my attitude rubs off on other people. It's contagious - just as being negative about yourself is. Spread the love and positivity. If I ever have children and more specifically, daughters - I'm going to strive to be the most uplifting, self loving mumma ever because too many girls learn their low sense of self worth from hearing one of the most important women in their life put themselves down (just as sisters can do, too). In saying that though, never put anyone on a pedestal because they will fall. Admire and appreciate them but remember that they are human.

♥ And duh, you are human. You can and will struggle with yourself. That is 1000 percent okay. I have off days all the time, I have days where I just want to sink into the ground and disappear. I let myself feel sad because the only way is up. Even when I'm busy sitting in the corner alone at my own pity party, I try to remain even a smidge positive you know like, pity party cake still tastes pretty good too.

If I'm having a bleh day, I like to play my music super loud, sing along and dance to it. I spend ages in front of the mirror because putting on makeup for me is not only fun but also really therapeutic and keeps my mind off things. This is going to sound so dumb but I like making myself laugh (I laugh too hard at my own jokes anyway) but I just let my imagination go crazy and think of the weirdest things. Shannon's beauty group is a good distraction for myself too! I not only love helping and interacting with the awesome girls on there (and making them laugh heheeee) but it also really helps my mind calm the heck down. (Shout out to Shannon for being amazing all 'round.)

When it doubt, ask yourself - What Would Beyonce Do?

Sorry this was a bit rushed, I kind of just wanted it off my chest. I hope I didn't miss anything! So yeah those are just some thoughts and things I do and have done and will continue to do to help me with my self esteem. If you are truly struggling, please do whatever it takes to get you help - even if that includes seeing a therapist or counsellor. Do not be ashamed, do not feel bad. Look after yourself, it does get better! You deserve happiness and to love yourself. Lots of internoot hugs and kisses.

Oh and let's all take the time to appreciate my makeup today, WERK.

♥♥♥ Courtney

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

♥ Break Up Stuff ♥

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert at relationships. All of this is coming from personal experience as a 19 year old recent breakupee from my first 'real' romantic relationship. We all cope with different situations differently and what worked for me may not work for you.

I have been wanting to write about this since I first started thinking about making a blog. Too many young girls are lead to believe that they are not complete or worthy unless they have that 'better' other half. There have been a ton of concerning things I've seen through social media, so I felt the need to write about my own experience in an effort to help other young girls who may be going through something similar. I personally believe that there is way too much emphasis on finding 'the one'. You do not need another to complete you. You are already whole.

Ever since I was super young, I had always dreamed of having a high school sweetheart. I thought it was the most cute, most romantic relationship to have. I still think it is but as they say, be careful what you wish for haha! I remember he tried talking to me in class but I didn't want a bar of him so I brushed him off because I am bitch, let's be honest. We only started really talking through facebook... yep. Our first date is something I will never ever forget. It was so awkward, one of my favourite memories. I showed up late because I thought it was an elaborate prank and he thought I stood him up. I also forgot my school i.d so we couldn't see the movie he wanted to watch. One of his conversation starters was 'so... do you wear jeans?' I told everyone we knew, I never let him live it down. In the cinema I said 'I'm cold' just so he would put his arms around me hahahaha. We basically spent the whole week after that together.

I was head over heels in love with this boy. I have never in my life felt so strongly about someone before. The only thing I regret about it was letting the relationship consume me. I forgot who I was because I invested all of my time, effort and energy into it. This isn't his fault, that was my choice and my mistake. If I had to go through everything we did again with someone, I would choose him one thousand times over. Above my boyfriend, he was my best friend and I truly appreciate who he was and everything he did for me. He could make me laugh like no one else could and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the entire universe. I wish I could let him know this now.

We broke up suddenly and over the phone about three or four months ago after three and a half years together. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Along with our issues in the relationship, we stopped growing together and started growing apart. It was inevitable. What tore me up was not the fact that it happened but how. It made me feel so worthless. I couldn't believe the person that called me beautiful at every chance he could get just ended it so coldly. We said we would stay friends but later on he made it obvious that he had no interest in me being a part of his life.

It would be a lie if I said I shrugged it off and calmly made myself a cup of tea. Heck no. I walked out of my room, straight into mum and dad's arms sobbing my heart out.

♥ The first step I took was accepting that it happened. I made myself sick thinking about the what ifs and whys. I figured nothing he could say would really satisfy me so I just accepted it. These things happen. Life goes on. The sky is still the same with or without you.

♥ Burning bridges is necessary to stop yourself from crossing over. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't him I cried over, it was the memories. It was what we were and what we had in the past. It was tough but I had to accept that he wasn't the boy I fell in love with so I needed to let go completely.

♥ Reminders are going to be there no matter what. It's going to feel like the world wants you to suffer. You're going walk in Target with your mum and yes, they are going to play stupid fucking love songs and yes right after you complain about that, Single Ladies will blast from the speakers like a big middle finger to your face. People will ask how he is going. You will accidentally see photos of each other together. People will say things and you'll think of him. Don't be bitter about it. It's okay to be nostalgic and sad. Appreciate what you had in the past and move on. Don't let negative feelings poison you.

♥ Take time for yourself. Be selfish for a little bit. Do what you need to. For me, that was going to the salon and getting my hair and nails done, spending my $200 giftcard from work for casual employee of the year on makeup, spending more money on makeup, buying my first car. It was also being kind and taking care of myself. You need you more than ever. Put all of the time, energy, money, effort and love you had for the relationship back into you. You deserve it.

This is what recently single looks like

♥ Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. As soon as I thought something negative I would punch that thought right in the throat. Nope, not today brain. I deserve to be happy.

♥ It is okay to be sad but don't convince yourself that this is the end of the world. It truly isn't. You have so much more to look forward to in every aspect of your life. Breathe. One thought that makes my worries feel so insignificant in comparison is the fact that we have only explored 5 percent of the ocean. It's the same thought I use to justify buying more makeup.

♥ You do not need another person to function. You are not incomplete. You are not unworthy. You are your own person with your own ambitions and goals and loves and fears and everything, live for yourself. If you happen to find someone who you want in your life and maybe for the rest of your life then that is amazing! Don't lose who you are.

♥ I listened to Cell Block Tango a lot to ease my anger and frustration hahaha!

The best thing I did was taking this experience as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. From this, I have discovered exactly what I feel I need from a relationship and I have learnt from my own shitty mistakes. I surprised myself (and everyone else in my life apparently... which says a lot about me) with how strong I truly am. I have never felt more content in myself than I have these past few months. Self discovery and growing up and learning and experiencing things although daunting is so cool. I'm not the most positive person on the planet but I do believe you should make the most of everything, good or bad. I've never looked forward to coming into my 20s until just recently. Yay life.

This was written super quickly because I just needed it off my chest, so if I have missed anything you wanted to know or whatever, just ask.

♥♥♥ Courtney

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

♥ Got Milk? ♥

NYX cosmetics were brought to Target Australia earlier this year and naturally everyone went a bit nuts because it's something we previously didn't have easy access too. I was a bit late to the bandwagon because a) I am lazy, b) I knew that the stands would be attacked, c) lazy. However, there was one product I wanted more than anything. Yes, it was the Jumbo Eye Pencil. Oh, not just ANY Jumbo Eye Pencil. The Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil. Why? You may ask... WHY? I wanted it for a white matte base underneath my beloved Sugarpill eyeshadows. "Why couldn't you just get their white eye primer?" Shut your filthy mouth. Of course I could have gotten that but what famous beauty guru uses that? None that I have watched. Admittedly it was more about the novelty of owning the pencil. I'm all about novelty. Practicality is my second priority.

Every damn time that I went into my local Target, they had literally everything but the milk pencil. I tested the white eye primer but it didn't satisfy my thirst for that milk. It took all of my strength to refrain from headbutting a staff member on what felt like my 1000th unsuccessful visit. I wasn't sure if it was because it was such a popular product or because Target were pathetic at restocking the stands, or both. Whatever it was, I was still determined to get my chubby lil hands on a milk pencil. I was suffering some serious NYX calcium deficiency.

Even the tester was missing. The struggle is real.
If you're from Shannon's beauty group, you'll probably remember the day that I finally got possession of the NYX milk pencil. I posted there straight away when I FINALLY got it. Here is that infamous post:

* MILK I N T E N S I F I E S *

"Today I slinked my way through Target, stealthily and discreetly screaming as I tumbled and army crawled through the store, jumping from clothes rack to clothes rack. I set my eyes on the small, disappointing NYX stand. I emerged from a sales rack with black underwear on my head as a makeshift balaclava. As I slowly start to shimmy over to the stand, the sky breaks open and an angelic light shines on the last milk pencil. Can this be true¿¿¿ My thoughts are distracted as my song comes on and I instinctively do the vogue and twerk simultaneously. Through my sick, totally coordinated dance moves to The B52’s Love Shack, I realise it was a ploy from the government to stop me from getting the most sought after milk pencil. I ran to the stand and throat kicked everyone out of my way. Not today, Abbott. Not today.

I finally have a base to make my coloured eyeshadow looks better!!!"

SO here is my review on the milk pencil:
♥ It is an okay base, I found it creased after 20 mins of wearing it (all over my lid), I didn't use an excessive amount either
♥ My oily lids melt it off after a few hours of wear anyway, so it's not super long lasting
♥ It helped intensify the eyeshadows a tad
♥ I find it relatively simple to use and blendable
♥ Amazing for using on lower water line (shown in my current display pic on the right)
♥ Handy product to have I think!
♥ Doesn't come with a sharpener tho

I do use it daily on my inner corner to the middle of my lid to open up my eyes. I set it with a white matte eyeshadow and use a matte brown in my crease like this -


I give it a 5/10, very average product, not worth throat kicking people for. SO I was thinking, do you ever see those posts where people use a product for things you would have never ever thought of? Surely this had more uses, right? For you, my lovely readers, I had to experiment. I had to discover more for this post, for you. So I did. You can thank me later.

Go from basic bitch to Kim K look-a-like with this
extreme highlight. Out shine all those basics.
(This hurt my face?? The stuff I do for you.)
Oh shit! Marker on your fav white top!
Have no fear, milk pencil is here.
Good as new. Totally unnoticeable.

White out!! No one will ever know that you can't spell.
You can't write over it though.
SO um...
Just... learn to spell.
Oil pulling what? Get those perf pearly whites with NYX milk pencil.
P.S it doesn't taste like milk.
Please don't do this.
Be smrter than me.
Learn from my mistakes.
So tomorrow I have my group interview for my favourite ever makeup store and I am literally drowning in my own nervous sweat. I'm going to act confident as heck, I hope they won't smell the confidence juice on me (alcohol) just kidding!!! When I'm nervous liquids have a better chance of leaving my mouth than entering it. I may post my look for the interview and how I think I went and all that jazz, maybe!! Please send your positive vibes for me, I am truly awful at interviews.

♥♥♥ Courtney

♥ She Curled Up & Dyed ♥

I have been colouring my hair since I was a youngin'(er... younger). Mumma would buy me those wash-out-in-8-to-10-washes-or-even-just-1-because-they-can-be-pretty-shit temporary dyes. I usually stuck to blacks, browns and reds because I was a basic bitch... and because the school I went to had hair colour rules. Like you can't learn with bright hair colours, right? False. I didn't learn anything anyway. I have always wanted to have orange hair but literally everyone said or implied that it wouldn't look good. Oh? OH? So at the beginning of this year I took the plunge and did what any self respecting woman would do - whatever the fuck she wanted.

It all began in a blistering hot as fuck January day when I lightened my brown hair with a prepackaged lightener thing. It went an nice auburn colour.
Those slug brows tho, cute.
It wasn't enough. I wanted more. My heart desired a super bright orange to blind anyone who dare look my way. I was determined to make it happen. So it did.
Bitches get shit done.
Orange is one of my favourite colours on me and if I ever have to go back to a "natural" looking colour, orange will probably be it. It made me happy.
Chubby gnomes walk among us.
Then I accidentally dyed it red with a supposedly orange Manic Panic colour. For while I went between orange and red. So. Boring.
Fuck you, Manic Panic.
I have been wanting pink for a while now and I decided, fuck it! Let's do this shit.
The photo does no justice, it was FLURO pink.
It was crazy super frickin' bright. I'm pretty sure I literally damaged some people's eyesight. GOOD. So I had pink for a while. Pink was fun.
Aw, a few days after my break up. Sad lil baby.
It ok bae. Shopping eases the pain.
Then I attempted to brighten it up with a pink dye found in Woolworths with the cute comic book packaging. It went red. Of course. OF COURSE. I was so pissed. I made it werk tho.
I was playing with my new makeup stuff
from the Pro Makeup & Beauty show.
Shut up.
Looking at those photos I reminded myself that wow, I have a massive forehead. I was seriously considering hiring it out as a walking billboard. I didn't get out much so it defeated the purpose. It was time for bangs to come back. And PAAAAAAAANNNNKKK.
BANG bangs.
I kept pink for a decent amount of time. Pink is one of my favourite colours. It's just so damn cute.
Shopping with my $200 giftcard from work
for being casual employee of the year.
Of course, I got bored with pink and decided to try purple because I know it looks good with my skin tone and eye colour. It is actually one of my least favourite colours probably because mum painted mine and my sister's room a light purple and we had absolutely no say (black was our choice, clearly). It was a truly traumatic experience. I am left with a sour purple taste in my mouth.
Lumpy Space Princess realness.
I was soooo conflicted with the hair colour because I liked it but I didn't but I did and I almost imploded.
It did look prettier in photos!
Same tho tbh...
I decided to try and fix it myself with Manic Panic's Ultra Violet. Yep. Of course. I don't know why I used that brand again after my first mishap. (Yeah Manic Panic it's you, not me!) I don't know why I do anything at all. Why do I things?? WHat????
Idiot girl ruins day once again.
Still looks fabulous.
I missed the back off my head and had a weird light purple blonde patch so for a week I had it up in a bun. My anaconda don't want none unless you've got your shitty patchy hair in a bun, hun.
My face says it all.
So I made an appointed with my salon. I decided that I needed something different...
So I became THE BATMAN.
My parents are dead.
I walked out of the salon feeling fresh and new and ready be the hero Gotham deserves... but not the one it needs right now.

Basically, I feel more myself with coloured hair (even if I have a hard time deciding what colour!!). When I had super long brown hair I felt so uncomfortable and boring but people kept telling me how 'long hair is better'. I felt obligated to keep it and that sucked. So now I rock a short bob! It makes me sad when people say 'I wish I could do that' or 'I wish I could suit that'. Well, you can. What's stopping you? In this case, it's just hair! You can 'suit' anything if you want to wear it, just have confidence. Put on your crown and behead any peasant who thinks you should look how they want you to. WERK.
Cute 2011 baby Courtney who had little to no
self confidence and didn't realise how much
of her own love she deserved.
If only I could meet her now!
I have to admit, those were the best pig tails of my life!

Thank you for reading this boring hair colour timeline thing? What will I have next?!?! Who knows. Stay tuned to find out.

♥♥♥ Courtney

(Please feel free to suggest posts for the future!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

*sassy hair flip*

Courtney Beth has been dubbed as '#1 Everything Beauty Related member' by Shannon herself. She has been described as being 'funny but still knowing her shit' and 'short overweight crazy cat lady with no real life ambitions and a talent for ruining things'.

She rose from the depths of hell on the 5th of October, 1994. From the outside, she has lived a mundane average suburban life. It's true... from the inside, upside, downside and from every other damn side. However, her weird imagination, humour and melodramatic attitude makes it all entertaining... for herself. She can be seen regularly laughing at her own jokes.

Courtney is your average 19 yr old introvert who has a love for makeup, cats, cute stuff and sushi. Her hobbies include spending hours in front of the mirror applying makeup, crying, being a sassy bitch, sobbing over missing Mac x Marge makeup collection, holding onto her teen angst, blaming Tony Abbott for everything, rejecting adulthood, keeping away from other human beans and talking in third person.

Yeah, Mr White! Yeah, blogging bitch!
This blog has been created due to popular demand! I'm not entirely sure where this is going, if it will even go anywhere tbh!! My last blog had one post before I gave up... hashtag dedication.

I guess this will be a personal blog with beauty stuff like makeup of the days, reviews, shenanigans, life stuff, advice, things, all that jazz like shoobop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom, you know? You get me. You understand me.

Pleeeeaaaaaassssseeee give me suggestions on what I should post!! Until next time... you stay classy, San Diego.

♥♥♥ Courtney